The books are for children from 4 years old. We write as if we are writing for ourselves.

The books published by “The Golden Simurg” teach children to believe in tales.

A paper book with a good print and beautiful illustration is the best gift to a child.

No time to wait for delivery? Not a trouble. “Golden Simurg” creates books in the electronic form — with beautifully designed pages.

The process of reading fascinates!

What are the stories by The Publishing House “The Golden Simurg”?

1. Stories that instil in children good qualities:

  • star1Making good friends and learning to share
  • star1Being brave, solving challenges and being polite,
  • star1Not to be envious,
  • star1Not cheating and not offending,

And many other human values!


2. Stories are in English and Russian that allows children to be educated at an early age and improve their knowledge of languages.


3. Delightful illustrations for each story that will help your children to improve their imagination.


4. Stories with the participation of different characters: humans, animals, fishes, fictitious, principal heroes , etc.


5. Stories are plausible, so children will trust in them.


6. The stories are short, that is why it will not be dull for children, and they will listen or read the whole tale. *Scientists proved that a perfect tale must last for 8,5 minutes.


Who orders the books:

  • Parents
    for their children;
  • Book stores
    for retail sale;
  • Schools and kindergartens
    for education;